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Supreme Court Leaves Lifeline For Billionaire Income Tax

The U.S. Supreme Court narrowed but did not entirely block the path to billionaire income tax legislation when the... (more story)

The Tax Angle: More GOP TCJA Teams, Nonprofit Hospitals

From a look at efforts by the Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee to prepare for next year's expiration of... (more story)

Staffing Hurdles Could Slow Impact Of IRS Audit Boost

The Internal Revenue Service's intended ramping up of enforcement on wealthy people, large corporations and comple... (more story)

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Fed. Circ. Backs Subsidy Duties For Canadian Wind Towers

A Canadian wind tower manufacturer can't get a break on countervailing duties despite being upfront about errors in its sales data, with the Federal Circuit ruling Friday that the errors raise the possibility ... (more story)

Ayahuasca Church Is Not Tax-Exempt, DC Circ. Affirms

An Iowa church that used a psychedelic drug in its rites was correctly denied tax-exempt status, the D.C. Circuit affirmed Friday, saying the church's main purpose is using a federally illegal drug for which i... (more story)

Ex-Chicago Alderman Burke Can't Delay Sentencing

Former Chicago Alderman Ed Burke can't postpone his Monday sentencing on charges of racketeering, extortion and bribery to await a U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the scope of federal bribery law, an Illinois fed... (more story)

Ex-Mass. Pol Hit With New Charges In COVID Fraud Case

A former Massachusetts state senator already accused of pandemic-related fraud has been charged alongside his sister with attempting to cover up a scheme to make him eligible for unemployment benefits, the U.S... (more story)

11th Circ. Says Couple Can't Renew Fight Over S Corp. Income

A couple owe about $355,000 in back taxes after failing to prove that the U.S. Tax Court adopted an erroneous calculation by the IRS following a trial in which the couple were found liable for unreported incom... (more story)

Taxation With Representation: Travers Smith, Potamitis Vekris

In this week's Taxation With Representation, RSK Group Ltd. gets a £500 million ($632 million) investment, Boston Scientific Corp. acquires Silk Road Medical Inc., Masdar takes a part of Terna Energy SA, and T... (more story)

Worker Retention Credit Freeze To Continue, IRS Chief Says

The Internal Revenue Service will keep in place its moratorium on processing new employee retention credit claims because of rampant fraud, the agency's commissioner told reporters Thursday, and will seek help... (more story)

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Ore. High Court Affirms Tax On Out-Of-State Tobacco Co.

An out-of-state tobacco company is liable for Oregon's excise tax, the state high court said, agreeing with the Oregon Tax Court that the company's in-state sales activities nullified protections in federal la... (more story)

Texas Justices Say Settlement Doesn't Bar Oncor's Tax Fight

A settlement agreement doesn't preclude Texas power company Oncor from seeking to correct the value of its electric transmission lines on county appraisal rolls, the state's high court ruled Friday, weighing i... (more story)

Trump Calls For Engoron's Recusal In Civil Fraud Case

Former President Donald Trump and other defendants fighting a $465 million civil fraud judgment called on New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron to recuse himself Thursday in light of a once-suspended r... (more story)

NY High Court To Review Tax On Co.'s Ad Analysis Services

New York's highest court agreed Thursday to hear a research company's appeal of a lower court's finding that its services that measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns constitute taxable information services.

Online Photos Not Proof Of Taxable Sales, Miss. Justices Told

A Mississippi trial court erred in ruling that a couple's yard sale transactions were taxable as the decision relied upon Facebook photos used by the state tax department as evidence, the couple told the state Supreme Court.

Mich. Insurer Owes Tax On Mailed Ads, Appeals Court Says

A Michigan life insurance company owes use tax on advertisements mailed by an out-of-state contractor, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled Thursday, upholding a lower court's decision.

Group To Appeal Rejection Of Suit Against Colo. Funding Law

Colorado's law creating fees to fund transportation enterprises violates the state's Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, a conservative group suing to throw out the fees told a state court, saying it was appealing to t... (more story)

Casinos Must Fight Hotel Tax In State Court, 5th Circ. Says

Owners of two Louisiana casinos with attached hotels must challenge Baton Rouge in state court, rather than federal court, over taxes the city says they owe on free hotel stays they gave patrons, the Fifth Cir... (more story)

Nationwide Wins Mich. Combined Filing Tax Fight On Appeal

Nationwide entities can file as a unitary business in Michigan to share tax credits across their group members, the state Court of Appeals ruled Thursday, overturning a state tax tribunal decision that said in... (more story)

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UK Tax Fraud Cases Rose 49% Over One-Year Period

The U.K. tax authority launched more criminal cases for tax fraud for the year ended June 30, 2023, increasing 49% from 63 cases for the previous year to 94, Pinsent Masons LLP said Monday.

USTR Warns Canada After Digital Services Tax Enactment

The U.S. Trade Representative's Office remains concerned about Canada's enactment of its digital services tax and is weighing options in defense of potential discrimination against U.S. businesses, a USTR offi... (more story)

Big 4 Continue Push For Broader Irish Dividend Exemption

The Big Four accounting firms reiterated support for Ireland's plans to implement a corporate tax exemption for foreign-sourced dividends and foreign branch profits, but they found the latest proposal still to... (more story)

OECD Official Sees Amount B Deal Helping With Amount A

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is close to a final deal on a key part of its efforts to establish new international taxing rights under Amounts A and B of its Pillar One plans, accor... (more story)

Next UK Gov't Urged To Ease Private Healthcare Insurance Tax

Whoever wins the U.K. election on July 4 should introduce tax breaks on private medical insurance to relieve pressure on the National Health Service, a consultancy warned Friday.

China Denies Tax Crackdown As 2 Cos. Report $80M In Bills

China's tax authority denied a nationwide crackdown on companies' old tax returns Thursday, less than a week after a chemical firm facing 500 million yuan ($69 million) in additional liabilities halted product... (more story)

Canada Lawmakers OK Digital Tax, Advance Min. Tax

Canada's Senate passed a 3% digital services tax that would target the revenue of large technology companies, following through on a plan that has drawn criticism from the U.S. and groups representing American tech giants.